Choreographer's Note

Romeo & Juliet, the immortal love-saga of Shakespeare, which has stirred millions of hearts all over the world, inspired thousands of poets and novelists in every region - has been created and re-created in the theatre and dance forms by some of the greatest artistes of the last century. Strangely though this popular ballet has not been much attempted in the classical Indian dance forms.

Having witnessed it innumerable times, I was greatly inspired to explore the versatile and powerful idiom of Kathak in choreographing this work in the ballet form, using no verbal material. While working on it in the past one year, I closely analyzed the movements, the stances, the patterns used by famous ballet artistes - namely Margot Fontene, Nureyev, Allessandra Ferri, Wayne Eagling and others, and found a strong similarity with Kathak.

The character of Juliet, as performed by some of them, had always haunted me and I had dreamt of playing this powerful role.

My association with the artistes and students of Kolkata has become very deep over the past few years. Their dedication, sincerity and thirst to learn, is unmatched. Hence I decided to work on this major presentation in this culturally vibrant city.

I am grateful to my great Guru Pt. Birju Maharaj for his immense support, I thank Louis Banks who has extended a friendly hand; I am happy to get the guidance of Smt. Rita Ganguly in several ideas.

The presence of H. E. Shri Virden J. Shah, and Governor of West Bengal for the premiere show is a great inspiration for all of us.

Finally I thank, from the core of my heart, my loving friends, and dancers, students who have always been by my side for the success of this production.

May the Lord Bless Us.




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